We've compiled a short 'n' sweet list of top tips for using the Fit 'n' Fun Cat Wheel!

  • DO YOUR RESEARCH: It’s important to know the dos and don’ts when introducing your cat to the wheel. That's why reading these tips 'n' tricks is a great start!

  • INVOLVE YOUR CAT: The best way to do this is by letting them see the wheel as it’s being assembled. This allows them to see, touch, and smell the different sections of the wheel as it’s constructed. It may even bypass any anxiety they might have with a large wheel appearing in their home!

  • LET YOUR PET USE THE WHEEL ON THEIR OWN: While it might be tempting to get your cat into a routine immediately, it’s important to let them become comfortable with the wheel without interfering or rushing into a training regime.

  • START WITH SHORT 'N' FUN SESSIONS: Once you do start training your cat to use the wheel, make sure to keep these sessions short 'n' sweet! This will help build your cat's confidence. Make sure to reward them with positive reinforcement (this can be in the form of a pat, a treat, or verbal praise). Resist the urge to push your pet further for faster results! This will only stress your cat out, and may result in them avoiding the wheel.

  • FIGURE OUT YOUR CAT'S MOTIVATION: Is your pet food or play motivated? Use treats (such as The Paw Grocer's Freeze Dried Chicken Wing Tips!) or toys to encourage them to use the wheel. Any progress, however small, should be rewarded with praise so that your cat has a positive association with the wheel.

  • USE A LASER POINTER: Rufus & Coco's Laser Cat Toy is a great way to get your pet using the wheel! Keep the light pointed low on the wheel so your cat doesn’t lose balance or run too fast. Turn off the laser toy once your cat begins running so they slow down, then switch it on again if they stop running. This process allows them to learn how to control the wheel and set their own pace when walking on it.

  • HAVE PATIENCE: Many cats take naturally to the wheel, but please don’t fret if your pet doesn’t! With consistent training and praise, your cat will grow to enjoy the wheel. Not only that, the training process will strengthen the bond between you and your cat, which is an added bonus!

Got any questions or tips you'd like us to add? Email us at info@fitnfuncatwheel.com!

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