Cats + Chocolate = Toxic Combination ☠️

Did you know chocolate is poisonous to cats? 🙀🍫☠️ 
Did you know Chocolate is Poison ☠️  Cats?

Easter’s just around the corner and the Easter Bunny will be busy trying to find the best hiding spots—both inside and outside your home—to leave his yummy chocolate eggs. While we all sit back and enjoy these treats with our family, please remember that chocolate is toxic to felines.

Chocolate and cocoa contain a substance called theobromine, which is naturally metabolised in the human body, but not in cats or dogs. This means any amount of chocolate—milk, dark, or white—is too much for your cat. Chocolate poisoning can cause very serious symptoms in cats, ranging from liver failure, seizures, vomiting, and even death. Your cat doesn’t have to eat a great deal of chocolate to suffer problems as a result, so try to keep it out of reach and out of sight.

Easter is a special time of the year to celebrate and part of that celebration in many households is the traditional egg hunt. So, please, put your pets in a separate area until the hunt has finished and, once it has, make sure all hidden eggs are accounted for.

Wishing you all a purrfect and safe Easter!
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