Cat Exercise Wheels

Enhance your cat's indoor life with Fit ‘n’ Fun’s Ferris Cat Wheel! This robust and secure exercise wheel offers an excellent way to keep your feline friend active and entertained. Discover more about our innovative solution for your cat's health and happiness. Perfect for energetic cats, our wheel ensures endless fun.

Fit 'n' Fun's Ferris Cat Wheel
Keep your cat active and happy with the latest G5 Ferris Cat Wheel! This exercise wheel provides safe and fun indoor exercise for all pets up to 11.33kg. The wheel is perfect for energetic cat breeds (such as the Bengal, Oriental Shorthair, and Siamese) but can be used by all cats in need of physical and mental stimulation. The wheel is easy to assemble and constructed with quality materials that are relatively lightweight, yet strong and stable. The wheel’s base includes additional support in the centre of the base unit, with six (6) skate wheels to provide maximum support for larger and/or stronger running cats. The Fit 'n' Fun Ferris Cat Wheel is 142 cm tall and 32 cm deep with an inside diameter of 122 cm and outer diameter of 130 cm. The larger size of the wheel means that it gives your cat plenty of space to move, keeps your cats vertebrae straight (not curved) and can accommodate more than one cat! 
Freeze Dried Chicken Wing Tips
These treats from The Paw Grocer are a great way to encourage your pet(s) to use the Fit 'n' Fun Ferris Cat Wheel. We recommend (carefully) cutting them into small, bite-sized pieces so that you can reward your cat(s) when they use the wheel. The perks: Single ingredient proteins: They are made from 100% Australian chicken wing tips—nothing else! All natural: They contain no additives or fillers, and are biologically appropriate for both dogs and cats. Nutritional: They remain raw and retain their nutritional value through the freeze drying process. They are also high in protein, low in fat, and an excellent source of calcium. Dental health: As they're a crunchy treat, this makes them excellent for your pet's dental hygiene! Note: The Paw Grocer recommends chicken wing tips for recreational chewing, which is good for dental health. They are not diced and vary in size as they are a 100% natural product. They may retain some small feathers, which are another source of protein (keratin) and suitable for animals to consume. The Paw Grocer does not recommend the wing tips for animals who are not good at chewing. These treats are for rewarding behaviour and training, and not to be used as a meal alternative (as delicious as they are, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing...).  Please make sure your BFF has fresh water available to drink.  
Laser Cat Toy
Get your kitty moving on Fit 'n' Fun's Ferris Cat Wheel with Rufus & Coco's rechargeable cat laser pointer toy! This toy is perfect for encouraging your cat to use the wheel. The perks: USB Rechargeable: No batteries required! Entertainment & Exercise for you and your furry friend Bonding Time: Spend time together as you use the laser point to guide your cat's play HOW TO USE: Charge: Plug your toy into a USB charger or computer. Turn On: Press the nose to switch between flashing and constant light. Play: Aim the light at the floor or wall (or wheel! 😉) near your pet and slowly move it to encourage chase. Caution: Do not point laser in human or pet's eyes!  
Replacement EVA Foam Tiles
Replace or change out the tiles for your Fit 'n' Fun Ferris Cat Wheel! Our tiles offer safe and comfortable traction so that your cat can move on the wheel with comfort and ease. Made with high quality EVA foam, these tiles are shock absorbent, water resistant, and easy to clean.

Cat Wheel FAQS

1. What are the key features of the Ferris Cat Wheel?

The Ferris Cat Wheel boasts six inner skate wheels for a smooth, quiet experience. It supports up to 11.5kg, perfect for households with multiple cats. The wide track, lined with hygienic EVA foam tiles, offers excellent shock absorption, enhancing comfort during use.

2. Are cat exercise wheels safe?

Our cat exercise wheel is meticulously designed for safety, featuring a large diameter and a stable base. The addition of shock-absorbing foam tiles ensures a safe, comfortable experience. With proper assembly and placement, it eliminates risks of tipping or derailing, providing a secure environment for your pet.

3. Is the Ferris Cat Wheel suitable for all sizes of cat?

The Ferris Cat Wheel is versatile, catering to cats of all sizes and ages, whether they are young, old, active, or inactive. Its robust construction, with a large diameter and stable base, can hold up to 11.5kg, making it an ideal choice for multi-cat households.

4. Does Fit ‘n’ Fun Cat Wheel ship Australia-Wide?

Fit ‘n’ Fun Cat Wheel offers comprehensive shipping options throughout Australia and New Zealand. We prioritize swift order processing, typically within 24-48 hours, to ensure your wheel arrives quickly. For detailed information on shipping and delivery options, please visit our website.

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